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The main concept of starting Khulshi Mart. is to bring the consumers of all classes of our society under a roof from where they will enjoy to shop at our friendly environment with the confidence about the genuine products, freshness, pricing, product packaging and presentations as well as contribution on improve life standard.

Khulshi Mart offers you,
 >> High quality fresh products
 >> Fixed price
 >> All your daily and occasional products under
      one roof
 >> All granted product
 >> Computerized billing system
 >> Total customer care
 >> High quality food corner
 >>High standard fashion collection for all ages


  This no doubt boosted the courage of the sponsors of Khulshi Mart to go ahead with their much earlier conceived plan to set up a truly European standard supermarket in Chittagong. In 2005 a Dutch consultant was flown out to Chittagong to survey the place where the store would be located and advice on the equipments etc. Satisfied at the location the consultant visited again to set up the store on arrival of the equipments and train a bunch of completely raw would be managers and staffs, with that Khulshi Mart opened up for business at Khulshi, Chittagong on 10th February 2006. Since then Khulshi Mart has worked hard to curve out a place for itself in the hearts of both the local people and foreigners living in Chittagong  by adopting an unique package of service which include but not limited to :  

To provide a shopping pleasure for the whole family and ultimate shopping experience through a business that improves the people, society and economy of the country


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