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Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future.                                    --------  John F. Kennedy


Change is constantly occurring in all areas of society and in all parts of the world. Nowhere is change more important than in business.
In the U.S.A. and Europe Shopping Malls, discount stores have replaced downtowns, CDs have replaced records and tapes, and computers have made typewriters obsolete. Digital images replaced photographs, Cell phones, Two-way radios, Internet outpaced newspaper, Television & Radio as the source for news & information.
The first half of the twentieth century saw the arrival & growth of large retail giants like Sears, Roebuck & Co, J.C. Penny & later Wal-Mart and many more in the U.S.A. These are popularly known as “Superstores” or “Supermarkets”.
Supermarkets as they are called are large stores with the concept of selling fresh meat, fish, vegetables, fruits alongside other basic necessities of life and household products in a hygienic well laid-out environment under one roof and under measure of set standards for high quality and consistent availability of products at best market prices.
People in the west caught on with this concept fast for the convenience it offers. Thus supermarkets grew rapidly in every convenient place conceived. The concept has been a success allover the developed world.
Not so quickly though in the developing countries like Bangladesh. It was only in 2001 that the first supermarket got started in the capital city Dhaka by the name and style of Agora. Closely followed by Nandan to make a mention. Other smaller ones sprang up on the success of the trend setters.
This no doubt boosted the courage of the sponsors of Khulshi Mart to go ahead with their much earlier conceived plan to set up a truly European standard supermarket in Chittagong. In 2005 a Dutch consultant was flown out to Chittagong to survey the place where the store would be located and advice on the equipments etc. Satisfied at the location the consultant visited again to set up the store on arrival of the equipments and train a bunch of completely raw would be managers and staffs, with that Khulshi Mart opened up for business at Khulshi, Chittagong on 10th February 2006. Since then Khulshi Mart has worked hard to curve out a place for itself in the hearts of both the local people and foreigners living in Chittagong  by adopting an unique package of service which include but not limited to :
·          Hygienic & friendly environment for shopping under one roof
·          Building customer confidence & trust by installing Electronic scale for accurate
      weight, use of barcode and integrated IT systems for quick dispensation at the

point of sale 

·          Offering better range of quality products duly  certified by  competent authority's)
·          Ensuring stable & rationale prices 
·          Trained staff to serve with a smile
·          100% security while inside the shop and secured car parking outside
·          Promotional activities round the year
·          K-Card membership discount to attract customers and much more
Khulshi Mart is poised to do better every coming year with new ideas to provide better and different new products at competitive prices to the satisfaction of its ever growing patrons. For Khulshi Mart is not an ordinary supermarket; its meant for discerning customers who expect the best. Khulshi  Mart is destined to be the best supermarket in the country…………in time.
Eng.Mohammad Ali                                             Chairman                                                                                              Mart Promoters Ltd.
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